Artist SoftBox

We’ve done two really great artist series, with two really amazing artists (honestly how do we get so lucky?) And we wanted to offer a fun way for you to get some Millie + Lou into your life. We thought what better way than to gift yourself with what we call ” The Artist Softbox”.

This month you have the option to pick between the “Girl With Vase” or the “Meridian Woman” – or treat yourself to both. Each box is unisex and can be tailored towards Women and Men.

Inside you will find 1 tote, 1 t-shirt and 1 reworked patterned shirt tailor made to your size and specifications and only costs $80.00 compared to $120.00 if you bought everything separately. The contents in the box will be tailored based on the information given. Items in the box may be similar to items seen on our website. However items found on the website are not available for ordering through this promotion.

If you want to get on board with this month’s soft box, download this form and email the completed copy to

Orders for this months Soft Box with beginning Shipping Oct 1.