The Prints


il_fullxfull.1530343173_cccr.jpgThe prints used by Millie and Lou are diverse. There are artist collaborations such as ‘Girl with Vase’ by Mara Barringer, ‘Meridian Woman’ by Jessica Brooks, and “Ladies of Leisure” by James Wilson.

There are in-house prints such as the ‘paloma,’ the ‘daia,’ while the remaining are inspired by sketches from greats such as Amadeo Modigliani, such as as the ‘Moira,’ and the ‘Audrey.’ All of our prints are inspired by art work and representations found in the public domain in Canada, unless they are Artist Collaborations.


We are currently not accepting any applications for artist collaborations. If Millie + Lou  is interested licensing art from artists, or buying exclusive rights we generally contact them directly through social media or by some other means.

How do we do our printing?

All of our printing is done by heat-applied vinyl, and not by painting. We believe that heat applied vinyl lasts far longer and it is far more practical even after a great deal of washes.